1. To promote fun running for everyone, from juniors to vets, male and female, regardless of ability.
  2. To charge a nominal entry fee for League club runners to attract as many runners as possible.
  3. To hold scoring events in accordance with an annual programme of events which will include at least one event each month.
  4. To stage events over distances of between 5km and 10km with spot prizes as opposed to prizes for excellence.
  5. To encourage runners to join clubs in the League.
  6. To operate a scoring system which encourages all member club runners, irrespective of age or ability.
  7. To stage separate events for juniors, wherever possible, over distances acceptable to UKA rules. It is the responsibility of each club (and not the League) to formulate their own child protection policy as recommended by the UKA.

Membership of the League

  1. Admission of teams to the League will be by simple majority vote of the teams already in the League at the Annual General Meeting.
  2. It is a condition of membership of the League that each club should be prepared to hold one scoring event per year, if required. New clubs to the League may initially be required to stage a non-scoring event, as decided at the AGM. Clubs may also hold additional non-scoring events.
  3. Any non-scoring such event must not be advertised as a “WSFRL event” unless it complies with the conditions for League events (other than scoring).
  4. From time to time it may be necessary to review the status of member clubs, depending on their attendance at events, the promotion of events, etc. This will usually be done at the AGM.
  5. An annual subscription approved at the AGM will be payable for the calendar year. Failure to pay the subscription by 31st March may lead to cessation of membership

Conditions for League Events

The following conditions for League events shall apply

  1. Except for separate events for juniors, where held, League events shall be between 5km and 10km.
  2. Entry fees for League events shall be as determined at the Half year meeting.
  3. Entry forms shall be forwarded to League Club contacts prior to the event and emailed to the website manager (preferably at least 3 weeks before and with a post code for the race HQ). Entry forms shall stipulate the age of juniors to be under 16 years.
  4. For each scoring event, results must be scored by the organising club in accordance with the scoring system and a copy sent to each League club contact, the League co-ordinator and the League Statistician, within 10 days. Scores for the year will be collated and distributed by the League’s statistician.
  5. Queries concerning event scoring must be notified to League Statistician (Phil McErlain) within 2 weeks of receipt of results.
  6. Individual clubs will be responsible for organising their events but the following facilities should be provided.
  • Registration on the day
  • Toilets Changing
  • Car parking
  • First aid
  • Drinks (at the finish and on the course if distance / temperature dictates)
  • Adequate marshalling
  • Placing and timing of finishers and publication of results

League Organisation

A League co-ordinator shall be appointed whose duties shall include the following

  1. To disseminate information amongst club members and ensure all clubs have a channel through which to raise matters affecting League clubs or the League itself.
  2. To ensure all member clubs act in the interest of the League and not to the detriment of other clubs (eg clubs should not hold or help promote events which clash with League fixtures).
  3. To acquire from the League’s funds the equipment needed to organise events (see page 18).
  4. To collect the annual subscriptions and to organise the prompt banking of all receipts and prompt payment of bills, etc
  5. To ensure a Fun Run Liability insurance policy is maintained.
  6. To perform secretarial duties including the calling of an Annual General Meeting and the recording and circulation of minutes of such meetings to all club members.

League organisation has now been split into three separate duties covering all of the above and given the titles of League Treasurer, League Chairman and League Secretary.

Procedures at Annual General Meetings

Notice shall be given to all member clubs at least 21 days in advance of the meeting. Items to be discussed and approved at the meeting will include :

  1. Review of the year
  2. Membership of the League, including election of new clubs
  3. The following year’s fixture list
  4. Club contacts – names, email addresses and telephone numbers
  5. Receipts and payments during the year
  6. Entry fees for the following year
  7. Subscription rates for the following year
  8. To confirm scoring system for the following year
  9. Equipment
  10. Election/re-election of League Treasurer, Chairman and Secretary
  11. Election/re-election of League statistician
  12. Election/re-election of website co-ordinator
  13. Confirmation of cheque signatories
  14. Any other business
  15. To present the Norman Crook Memorial Trophy for seniors, the junior cup to the leading clubs and the ‘Most Improved’ banners.

Equipment Schedule

At the end of each event, the club next using the equipment should check the equipment against the register and sign the sheet to indicate that all the equipment is present. Any losses or serious damage should be reported to the co-ordinator immediately.

Loss or deliberate damage may result in the club responsible being held liable to replace the appropriate items.

Measuring wheels for courses are available from Fittleworth Flyers, Henfield Joggers, Portslade Hedge-hoppers and Richard Bates of Haywards Heath Harriers.

Banking Facilities

A bank account shall be established with three cheque signatories from different League clubs. All cheques shall require signature by two members. Cheque signatories shall be appointed at the AGM.

Scoring System

  1. Clubs use the Smart Rr’s program which automatically scores all league runners in percentage bands – 10 points for the top 10%, (points for the next 10% and so on)
  2. Scoring for placing points: Note the placing of the runners from each club and total the best ten scores for each club (male or female) according to the scoring chart.
  3. Scoring for participation points: One point is scored for each runner completing the event (including the best ten placing point scorers) up to a maximum of 25 points per club.
  4. The total of placing and participation points gives each club its score for the event.
  5. All clubs are included.
  6. List clubs in order highest score first.
  7. Each club’s score for League purposes is the actual score it makes on the run. Clubs are not given League points according to position.
  8. At the end of the year, a club’s average score (excluding its own event) may be substituted for its own event score.
  9. In the event of some runners taking a wrong course the event will be void.
  10. Provisional results to be issued within 2 days of event.
  11. Where separate junior events are held, participation points for all juniors will be awarded up to a maximum of 15 points per club. In all other respects the procedures applicable to scoring senior events will apply.