Race Results

Race Results

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2024 F WSFRL tables for reps after 5 races

Race Results 2023

2023 saw many more ‘Completers’ than last year.  declared to date are:

Melissa Galea, Penny Barron, Richard Barron, Yuko Casey, Sue Newman, Robert Swan, Dave Dawson and Mary Klanczkowski from Horsham Joggers; Lee Gulliver from Worthing Harriers;  Jo Mabbitt, Mike Airey, Stewart Gregory and Val Brockwell from Portslade Hedgehoppers; Luke Taylor and Ed Duke from Saints and Sinners; Peter Anderson, Nadia Anderson, Wendy Whelan, Amanda Godfrey and Mikeey Kwoka from Chichester Runners; Ryan Johnstone from Hove Hornets; John Little, Tony Blayden and Mark Kennard from Lancing Eagles; Oliver Dewdney from Burgess Hill and Ros Bryant and Hugh Wastnage from Arunners.

Congratulations to the 2022 winning clubs

Senior points                                                        Horsham Joggers

Senior points improvement                              Horsham Joggers

Senior participation improvement                 Horsham Joggers

Junior points                                                         Steyning AC

Junior points improvement                              Chichester Runners

Junior participation improvement                  Chichester Runners

2023 Tables for WSFRL reps including Tilgate at AGM

Results Race 1 RYHO 2023 Final

Results Race 2 Hedgehopper 5 Final

Results Race 3 Trundle View Final

Race 4 Beach Run Final

Race 5 Downland Dash Final

Race 6 Round Hill Romp Final

Race 7 Hornets Stinger Final

Race 8 Seven Stiles Final

Race 9 Highdown Hike Final

Race 10 Tilgate Final

Race 11 Great Walstead Final

Race 12 Windlesham House revised

Race 13 Steepdown Final

Race 14 Gunpowder Trot revised

Race Results 2022

Congratulations to the 2022 winning clubs

Senior points                                          Portslade Hedgehoppers

Junior points                                           Steyning AC

Senior improvement                               Steyning AC

Junior improvement                               Steyning AC

Senior participation improvement      Steyning AC

Junior participation improvement      Steyning AC

In 2022 there were just 8 completers: Ray Chick (Fittleworth Flyers), Natasha Sparks (Goring RR), Ian Dickenson (Horsham Joggers), Steve Eastty and Tony Blayden (Lancing Eagles), Sonia Edwards, Andy Elphick and John Harding (Portslade Hedgehoppers).

2022 Tables for WSFRL reps after 15 senior races revised 25.11

Race 15 Gunpowder Trot Rerevised

Race 14 Steepdown Final

Race 13 Great Walstead 5 Revised

Race 12 Tilgate Final

Race 11 Highdown Hike Final v2

Race 10 Henfield Final

Race 9 Hornets Stinger Final

Race 8 Round Hill Romp Final

Race 7 Downland Dash revised

Race 6 Trundle View Final

Race 5 Beach Run Final revised

Race 4 Hedgehopper Final v2

Race 3 Lewes Final

Race 2 Run Your Heart Out Final by Phil

Race 1 Hangover 5 2022 – Final Results

No Races run in 2021 due to Covid

Race Results 2020

2020 Tables for WSFRL reps after 1 senior race

2020 Results Race 1 Hangover 5 Final II

No further races in 2020 due to Covid

Race Results 2019

Congratulations to all the 2019 winning clubs:
Senior points                  Lewes AC
Junior points                   Worthing & District Harriers
Senior improvement     Haywards Heath Harriers
Junior improvement      Worthing & District Harriers
Senior Participation Improvement      Haywards Heath Harriers
Junior Participation Improvement       Worthing Striders
There were 18 completers for the 2019 season; Peter Davey and Linda Wright (Arunners); Sally Symes and Jack Maynard (Burgess Hill); Peter Anderson (Chichester); Rob Harrington (Henfield Joggers); David Dawson and Jenny Boyd (Horsham Joggers); Josh Cable (Lancing Eagles); Sonia Edwards, John Harding, Andy Elphick and Paula Elphick (Portslade HH); Valerie Stanbridge (Saint & Sinners); Lee Oxley and Andy Selmon (Steyning) and Jack Lloyd and Sandie Bushby (Worthing Harriers).
A special mention for Lee Oxley (Steyning) who has run every race for the last 6 years!

2019 Results Race 2 Lewes Juniors Final

2019 Results Race 2 Lewes Seniors Final

2019 Race 1 Hangover 5 Final II

Race Results 2018

There were 29 completers for the 2018 season; Roger Ockenden, Damon Block, Peter Jones, Ian Reader, Sally Reader, Juliette Reader, Phil Latham, Jayne Leaney, Annette Maynard, Karl Richards, Leigh Smith, Peter Anderson, Nadia Anderson, Amanda Godfrey, Emma Hughes, Jill Renson, John Nicel, Erik Shopland, Shaun Jinks, Richard Bates, David Dawson, Ian Hughes, Jon Blaydon, Geraldine Moffat, Jo Mabbitt, Richard Daniells, Lee Oxley, Lorna Hackett, Ollie Owen, Paul Hurley

Congratulations to the winning clubs in all the categories below:

Hove Hornets (Club points: seniors)
Arunners (Club points: juniors)
Worthing Harriers (Most improved club: seniors)
Worthing Harriers (Most Improved club: juniors)
Worthing Harriers (Most improved participation: seniors)
Worthing Harriers (Most improved participation: juniors)

2018 Tables for WSFRL reps Final

Race 1  Monday 2nd April Lewes 2018 Race 1 Lewes V 7 38 Final Phil
Race 2 Sunday 13th May Hedgehoppers 2018 Race 2 Hedgehoppers V 7 38 Final Phil
Race 3 Wed 16th May Beach Run 2018 Race 3 Beach Run V 7 38 Final Phil
Race 4 Wed. 23rd May Trundle Hill Run 2018 Race 4 Trundle V 7 38 Final Phil
Race 5 Sunday 10th June Hove Park 2018 Race 5 Hove Park V 7 38 Final Phil
Race 6 Saturday 23rd June Downland Dash 2018 Race 6 Downland Dash V 7 38 Final Phil
Race 7 Wed. 4th July Round Hill Romp 2018 Race 7 Roundhill Romp V 7 38 Final Phil v2
Race 8 Sunday 29th July Seven Stiles 2018 Race 8 Seven Stiles V 7 38 Final Phil
Race 9 Wed. 1st August Highdown Hike 2018 Race 9 HIghdown Hike V 7 38 Final Phil (1)
Race  Sunday 19th Aug. Hornets’ Stinger CANCELLED
Race 10 Sunday 2nd Sept. Fittleworth 2018 Race 10 Fittleworth 5 V 7 38 Final Phil
Race 11 Sunday 23rd Sept. Tilgate Forest 2018 Race 11 Tilgate Forest V 7 38 Final Phil
Race 12 Sunday 30th Sept. Windlesham House 2018 Race 12 Windlesham Whip V 7 38 Final Phil
Race 13 Sunday 14th Oct. Great Walstead 2018 Race 13 Great Walstead 5 V 7 38 Final Phil
Race 14 Sunday 28th Oct. Steepown Challenge 2018 Race 14 Steepdown V 7 38 Final Phil
Race 15 Sunday 4th Nov. Gunpowder Trot 2018 Race 15 Gunpowder Trot V 7 38 Final Phil
TBC Crawley Run Crew

Race 1 Tuesday 1st Jan.


Hangover 5

Race Results 2017

There were 27 completers of all 17 races from 2017; Roger Ockenden (Arena 80); Ian Reader, Nuala Smyth, Tania Carter and Nicky Critchfield (Arunners); Eileen Adlam, Annette Maynard, Carol Mills, Jay Wadey, and Hugh Stevenage (Burgess Hill); John Nicel (Fittleworth Flyers);  David Dawson and Jenny Boyd (Horsham Joggers); Elaine Rousseau, Simone Cuthbert, Tom Bromley and Stephen Divers (Lancing Eagles); Geoff Watson (Lewes AC); Mike Airey (Portslade Hedgehoppers); Stella Daff, Mary Freestone, Vanessa Harold, Jason Harold, and Steve Baker (Saints & Sinners); Lee Oxley (Steyning AC); Andrew Spells (Worthing Harriers) and Darren Battman and Anna Titchmarsh (Crawley Run Crew).

2017 Club rankings after 17 senior races

2017 Club improvements after 17 senior races

Race 1  1st January Hangover 5 2017 Results Race 1 Hangover 5 Final Phil
Race 2  17th April Lewes 2017 Results Race 2 Lewes Final Phil
Race 3  7th May Hedgehoppers 2017 Results Race 3 Hedgehoppers Final III
Race 4  17th May Trundle Hill Run 2017 Results Race 4 Trundle Final Phil
Race 5  11th June Hove Park 2017 Results Race 5 Hove Park Final II
Race 6  24th June Downland Dash 2017 Results Race 6 Downland Dash Final Phil
Race 7  5th July Round Hill Romp 2017 Results Race 7 Round Hill Romp Final Phil
Race 8  12th July Beach Run 2017 Results Race 8 Beach Run Final
Race 9  30th July Seven Stiles 2017 Results Race 9 Seven Stiles Final Phil
Race 10 2nd August Highdown Hike 2017 Results Race 10 Highdown Hike Final
Race 11 20th August Hornet’s Stinger 2017 Results Race 11 Hornets Stinger Final (?)
Race 12 3rd September Fittleworth 5 2017 Results Race 12 Fittleworth Flyers 5 Final III
Race 13 17th September Tilgate Forest 2017 Results Race 13 Tilgate Forest Final II
Race 14 8th October Hickstead Gallop 2017 Results Race 14 Hickstead Gallop Final
Race 15 29th October Steepdown Challenge 2017 Results Race 15 Steepdown Challenge Final
Race 16 5th November Gunpowder Trot 2017 Results Race 16 Gunpowder Trot Final
Race 17 1st January 2018 Hangover 5 revisited 2017-18 Results Race 17 Hangover 5 Revised

Race Results 2016

There were 26 completers of all 17 races from 2016; Roger Ockenden (Arena 80); Ian Reader, Nuala Smyth and Sarah Mann (Arunners); Nigel Cruttenden, Gary Woolven, Caz Wadey, Hugh Stevenage and Paula Ridley (Burgess Hill); Amanda Godfrey (Chichester Runners); Nicki Hawkins, Jo Jones and Reg Shirley (Goring RR); David Dawson and Fiona Clifton (Horsham Joggers); John Hardy and Chris Hayes (Lancing Eagles); Val Brockwell, Mike Airey and John Harding (Portslade Hedgehoppers); Richard Daniells, Robert Shepard, Jason Harold, Mark Smee, and Nick Baker (Saints & Sinners); Lee Oxley (Steyning AC)



Race 1  1st January Hangover 5 2016-results-race-1-hangover-5-final-v2
Race 2  31st January Lido 4 Final
Race 3  28th March Lewes 2016-results-race-3-lewes-final-v2
Race 4  8th May Hedgehoppers 2016-results-race-4-hedgehoppers-final-v2
Race 5  18th May Trundle Hill Run 2016-results-race-5-trundle-hill-run-final-v2
Race 6  8th June Beach Run 2016-results-race-6-beach-run-final-v2
Race 7  12th June Hove Park 2016-results-race-7-hove-park-final-v2
Race 8  25th June Downland Dash 2016-results-race-8-downland-dash-final-v2
Race 9 6th July Round Hill Romp 2016-results-race-9-round-hill-romp-final-v2
Race 10 24th July Seven Stiles 2016-results-race-10-seven-stiles-final-v2
Race 11 3rd August Highdown Hike 2016-results-race-11-highdown-hike-final-v2
Race 12 21st August Hornet’s Stinger 2016-results-race-12-hove-hornets-stinger-final-v2
Race 13 4th September Fittleworth 5 2016-results-race-13-fittleworth-flyers-5-final-v2
Race 14 11th September Tilgate Forest 2016-results-race-14-tilgate-forest-5-final-v2
Race 15 9th October Hickstead Gallop 2016-results-race-15-hickstead-gallop-final-v2
Race 16 30th October Steepdown Challenge 2016-results-race-16-steepdown-final-v2
Race 17 6th November Gunpowder Trot 2016-results-race-17-gunpowder-trot-final-v2

Race Results 2015

Completers of all 17 races from 2015, Roger Ockenden (Arena 80); Ian Reader, Stuart Bellis and Sheri Halfacree (Arunners); Theresa Chalk, Malcolm Slater, Jay Wadey and David Woodhouse (Burgess Hill); Jill Renson and Tom Blaylock (Chichester Runners); Nicki Hawkins (Goring RR); Danielle Kaelin and Fabian Kaelin (Henfield Joggers); John Little (Lancing Eagles); Mike Airey (Portslade Hedgehoppers); Mark Clawson, Malcolm Wiltshire, Darren Hunt, Stella Daff, Debbie Witshire and Theresa Chalk (Saints & Sinners); Lee Oxley (Steyning AC)


Race 1   1st January Hangover 5 Final
Race 2   25th January Worthing Lido 4 Final
Race 3  15th February Valentine’s Final
Race 4   25th March Foxtrot 5 Cancelled
Race 5  6th April Lewes Final
Race 6   10th May Hedgehoppers 5 Final
Race 7   20th May Beach Run Final
Race 8   27th May Trundle Hill Run Final
Race 9   14th June Hove Park 5k Final
Race 10  27th June Downland Dash Final
Race 11  1st July Roundhill Romp Final
Race 12  26th July Seven Stiles 26th Final
Race 13  5th August Highdown Hike Final
Race 14  16th August Tilgate Forest Final
Race 15  23rd August Hornets’ Stinger Final
Race 16  6th September Fittleworth 5 Final
Race 17  11th October Hickstead Gallop Final
Race 18  18th October Steepdown Challenge Final

Race Results 2014

Club Rankings FINAL after 18 races

In 2014 there were 20 runners who completed all 18 races; Artur Kurkzac, Ian Reader, Wendy Tully, Hannah Watkins, James Sorbie, Tony Cooley, Jan Hill, Sue Pearson, Rupert Purchase, Diane Berry, Jenny Boyd, Mike Saunders, Victoria Saunders, Mark Smee, John Nicel, John Russell, Mike Airey, Tim Carder, Brian Purnell and Lee Oxley.

Race 1 26th January Worthing Lido 4 Final
Race 2 2nd February Valentines Final
Race 3 16th March Foxes Five Final
Race 4 23rd March Hangover 5 Final
Race 5 21st April Lewes Final
Race 6 11th May Hedgehoppers Final
Race 7 21st May Trundle Hill Run Final
Race 8 8th June Hove Park Final
Race 9 28th June Downland Dash Final
Race 10 2nd July Roundhill Romp Final
Race 11 16th July Beach Run Final
Race 12 27th July Seven Stiles Final
Race 13 6th August Highdown Hike Final
Race 14 17th August Tilgate Forest Final
Race 15 24th August Hornets’ Stinger Final
Race 16 7th September Fittleworth Final
Race 17 Race 18 12th October 19th October Hickstead Lancing FinalFinal

Race Results 2013

Club Rankings Final

Club Improvements Final

Race 1 1st January Hangover 5 Final
Race 2 27th January Worthing Lido4 Final
Race 3 10th February Valentines Final
Race 4 17th March Foxes Five Final
Race 5 1st April Lewes Final
Race 6 12th May Hedgehoppers Final
Race 7 22nd May Trundle Hill Run Final
Race 8 9th June Hove Park Final
Race 9 22nd June Burgess Hill Final
Race 10 26th June Beach Run Final
Race 11 3rd July Roundhill Romp Final
Race 12 7th August Highdown Hike Final
Race 13 18th August Tilgate Forset 5 Final
Race 14 1st September Fittleworth Final
Race 15 14th September Henfield Final
Race 16 13th October Hickstead Final
Race 17 20th October Lancing Final

Race Results 2012

Club Rankings FINAL

Club Improvements FINAL

Race 1 2nd January Hangover 5 Results
Race 2 29th January Worthing Lido4 Results
Race 3 12th February Valentines CANCELLED
Race 4 11th March Foxes Five Results
Race 5 9th April Lewes Results
Race 6 13th May Hedgehoppers Results
Race 7 16th May Trundle Hill Run Results
Race 8 23rd May Beach Run Results
Race 9 10th June Hove Park Results
Race 10 4th July Roundhill Romp Results
Race 11 8th July Wivelsfield Wobble Results
Race 12 1st August Highdown Hike Results
Race 13 5th August Tilgate Forset 5 Results
Race 14 2nd September Fittleworth Results
Race 15 15th September Henfield Results
Race 16 14th October Hickstead Results
Race 17 21st October Lancing Results

Race Results 2011

Club Rankings FINAL

Race 1 3rd January Hangover 5 Results
Race 2 16th January Plumpton Classic Results
Race 3 30th January Worthing Lido 4 Results
Race 4 13th February Valentines Results
Race 5 25th April Lewes Easter 10km Results
Race 6 4th May Litlehampton Beach Run Results
Race 7 15th May Hedgehoppers 5 Results
Race 8 18th May Trundle Hill Run Results
Race 9 5th June Hove Park Results
Race 10 6th July Roundhill Romp Results
Race 11 10th July Wivelsfield Woodland Wobble Results
Race 12 3rd August Highdown Hike Results
Race 13 7th August Tilgate Forest 5 Results
Race 14 4th September Fittleworth Flyers Results
Race 15 17th September Henfield 7 Stiles Results
Race 16 9th October Hickstead Gallop Results
Race 17 16th October Lancing Steepdown Challenge Results
Race 18 6th November Foxes 5 CANCELLED

Race Results 2010

Final Club Rankings after 17 races

 Race 1 1st January Hangover 5 Results
10th January Plumpton Classic CANCELLED
 Race 2 31st January Worthing Lido 4 Results
 Race 3 14th February Valentines Results
 Race 4 5th April Lewes 10k Results
 Race 5 11th April Hedgehoppers 5 Results
 Race 6 19th May Trundle Hill Run Results
 Race 7 6th June Hove Park Results
 Race 8 7th July Round Hill Romp Results
 Race 9 11th July Wivelsfield Wobble Results
 Race 10 18th July Beach Run Results
 Race 11 4th August Highdown Hike Results
 Race 12 8th August Tilgate Forest Results
 Race 13 5th September Fittleworth 5 Results
 Race 14 18th September Seven Stiles Results
 Race 15 10th October Hickstead Gallop Results
 Race 16 17th October Steepdown Challenge Results 
 Race 17 5th November Foxtrot 5 Results

Race Results 2009

Race 1 Hangover 5 1st January Results
 Race 2 Plumpton  18th January Results
 Race 3 Worthing Lido  25th January Results
 Race 4 Valentines  15th February Results
 Race 5 Lewes  13th April Results
 Race 6 Hedgehoppers  19th April Results
 Race 7 Trundle  20th May Results
 Race 8 Hove Park  7th June Results
 Race 9 Beach Run  28th June Results
 Race 10 Round Hill Romp  1st July Results
 Race 11 Wivelsfield  12th July Results 
 Race 12 Tilgate  19th July Cancelled
 Race 13 Highdown Hike  5th August Results
 Race 14 Fittleworth  6th September Results
 Race 15 Seven Stiles  19th September Results
 Race 16 Lancing Manor  11th October Results
 Race 17 Foxes Five  22nd November Results
2009 Senior Final Scores 2009 Junior Final Scores

Race Results 2008

Hangover 5 (non scoring) 1st January Results
Race 1 Plumpton Classic 20th January Results
Race 2 Worthing Lido 4 27th January Results
Race 3 Valentines 3.5m 17th February Results
Race 4 Lewes  Easter Monday 10k 24th March Results
Race 5 Hedgehoppers 5 27th April Results
Race 6 Trundle Hill Run 21st May Results
Race 7 Hove Park 5k 8th June Results
Race 8 Roundhill Romp 2nd July Results
Race 9 Wivelsfield Woodland Wobble 6th July Results
Race 10 Tilgate Forest 5m 20th July Results
Race 11 Highdown Hike 4m 6th August Results
Race 12 Beach Run 5m 24th August Results
Race 13 Fittleworth Five 7th September Results
Race 14 Seven Stiles 4m 20th September Results
Race 15 Lancing Manor 5m 26th October Results
Race 16 Foxes 5 23rd November Results

Race Results 2007

Race 1  Plumpton Classic 21st January Results
 Race 2  Splash Point 4 28th January Results
 Race 3  Valentines 11th February Results
 Race 4  Lewes Easter 10km 9th April Results
 Race 5  Hedgehoppers 5 29th April Results
 Race 6  Trundle Hill Run 23rd May Results
 Race 7  Hove Park 5km 10th June Results
 Race 8  Beach Run 24th June Results
 Race 9  Roundhill Romp 4th July Results
 Race 10 Woodland Wobble 8th July Results
 Race 11 Tilgate Forest 22nd July Results
 Race 12 Highdown Hike 1st August Results
 Race 13 Fittleworth 5 2nd September Results
 Race 14 Seven Stiles 22nd September Results
 Race 15 Lancing Manor 14th October Results
 Race 16 Foxes Fawkes Five 4th November Results